Inspection under Food Sanitation Law

  • Our laboratory is a registered laboratory of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, under the Food Sanitation Law in Japan. During import customs clearance for toys, foods, food containers and packaging, it is necessary to provide a test report to confirm harmful substance contained or eluted from the concerned item is within the limit set up in the Food Sanitation Law. Test reports from our laboratory are useful for clearance procedures, as well as for safety checking on new products, parts, paints etc.

Food Sanitation Law Part (IV) – Toys

  • Regarding toys for infants less than 6 years old, we will investigate whether the following harmful substances will be eluted beyond the limit.


Heavy metal

  • Elution test of lead, arsenic, cadmium and others in coating and metals

Coloring matter

  • Coloring matter elution test of coating and substrate (permitted coloring matter* excluded), confirmation of permitted coloring matter




  • Inspection of content of phthalates, which may be contained as plasticizer in polyvinyl chloride etc.


  • Amount of water soluble substances eluted from polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene etc. (Evaporation residue test) and amount of eluted organic matters and oxidizable substances (Consumption of potassium permanganate)

Toys that pass through all the above tests are treated as goods fulfilling the requirements of Food Sanitation Law and can be imported and sold in Japan.

(Permitted coloring matter* : coloring matter listed in Attached Table 1 of Ordinance for Enforcement of the Food Sanitation Law)


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