Inspection under Food Sanitation Law

  • Our laboratory is a registered laboratory of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, under the Food Sanitation Law in Japan. During import customs clearance for toys, foods, food containers and packaging, it is necessary to provide a test report to confirm harmful substance contained or eluted from the concerned item is within the limit set up in the Food Sanitation Law. Test reports from our laboratory are useful for clearance procedures, as well as for safety checking on new products, parts, paints etc.

Food Sanitation Law Part (III) – Containers and food packaging

  • For containers and food packaging made by glass, ceramics, enamel products, rubber, synthetic resins etc., we will test the part(s) which is/are in touch with food in terms of heavy metal, coloring matter. We will also investigate whether harmful chemical substances such as synthetic resin raw materials and plasticizer is contained or eluted from containers and food packaging.

Heavy metal

  • Content of lead and cadmium, elution test of lead, cadmium


Coloring matter

  • Examination to check there is no elution of coloring matter except permitted coloring matter

Raw material of synthetic resin etc.

  • Investigate whether harmful chemical substances such as synthetic resin raw materials, decomposition products, impurities etc. are contained or eluted beyond the statutory limit. Besides general requirements for synthetic resin, there are other individual requirements for specific kinds of resins. Below are the examples.
  • Elution of phenol in phenolic resin
  • Content and elution of Bis-phenol A in polycarbonate resin
  • Elution of antimony and germanium in PET resin
  • Content of styrene and other volatile substances in polystyrene resin

Toys that pass through all the above tests are treated as goods fulfilling the requirements of Food Sanitation Law and can be imported and sold in Japan.

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