About Us

MGSL first established its laboratories in Tokyo and Osaka on the 27th February 1975 with 5 employees. Over the past few decades MGSL has continued to grow and accumulate a vast majority of experience and clients. In order to satisfy our growing demand a new office situated in Hong Kong was opened on the 12th January, 2015 and currently employs 21 (including Japanese).Having excellent infrastructure to and from the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, recognised as the manufacturing heart of Asia, and free port status were one of the key factors why MGSL decided to open its overseas office in Hong Kong, Tai Po.

“The value chain of toy manufacturing has shifted to this part of the world. Many Japanese manufacturers have moved their operation base to Mainland China or other Asian countries. Quality checks are now taking place in Shenzhen, with inspection done in Hong Kong and goods exported to Japan. The Japanese market is more focused on product design at the moment.

– Executive Director, Shigenobu Watanabe

Advantages using MGSL (HK)

①  The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Foreign Public Inspection Body
  • Test reports issued by MGSL (HK) can be accepted at customs.
  • Tests reports are accepted as a ‘foreign testing body report for all countries’ and accepted at customs.
  • Delivery quick processing through custom at the point of cargo arrival.
  • By using our inspection services in Hong Kong, it is possible to prevent the disposal and wastage of non-conformity products.
  • Our accumulated knowledge, technology and practice from being a registered laboratory under the Food Sanitation Law in Japan is shared between all our offices (Japan and Hong Kong), providing the same reliability as our HQ office in Tokyo
② Japan Toy Association overseas designated inspection organisation
  • Testing of Japan Food Sanitation Law and St Part 3 simultaneously is possible, like in Japan.
  • Information from the Japan Toy Association is received in real-time at our Tokyo-HQ and shared instantly to our Hong Kong Office, providing inspection with the latest information.
  • Having examiners familiar with ST Part 1 stationed in Hong Kong, close to the products country of origin,  allows us to provide preliminary inspection and technical consultation to you efficiently.
③ Japanese correspondence available
  • Testing reports are provided by default in English. Japanese reports can be provided by request.
  • Our local office include staff fluent in Japanese eager to help you find solutions. Feel free to inquire using Japanese.
④ Overseas standard
  • We also provide testing services for importation to different regions of the world, these include but are not limited to;- ASTM, EN.