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Chemical Testing

We serve tests, inspections and analysis on all products and materials such as fabrics, cosmetics as well as polymer, metal, ceramics and glass. Also we offer material identification, foreign material analysis, cause investigation, and any tests or inspections based on company standards of such as mass merchants and department store. Seminar on standards and specifications and consulting for quality control are also available.


We are an accredited certification body under JIS mark scheme. JIS mark certification is consisted of factory audit and product testing. The area we certificate is Asia including Japan. Also we serve factory checkup as a third party evaluation body.

Environmental Testing

We contribute to healthy and cultural life through tests and inspections according to laws and regulations, We engage in creating a better living and working environment as well as environmental maintenance preventing air pollution and water pollution.

Physical & Mechanical

For “Safety and Security of Life”, we serve tests and inspections for strength/durability/quake resistance/waterproof property etc. on all daily goods including appliances based on public standards (JIS standards, Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act) and MGSL standards, then make an evaluation on safety and suggest suitable test or inspection upon a request from a customer.


November 17, 2017 in News

Kaken Hong Kong – Function Test Seminar

Our partners at Kaken Hong Kong are holding a Function Test Seminar. Date: 7th December 2017 Place: Hong Kong Management Association Capacity: 40 seats For more information Seminar Information [機能性]English&繁体字

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July 24, 2017 in News

Public Holidays

Public holidays, for Hong Kong and Japan, have been added to our event calendar allowing our clients to plan effectively. To check our events calendar please click here

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